Jelpful Jints from the Javelina Jundred

Jelpful Jints from the Javelina Jundred

Javelina has this weird mix of reputations. Many claim it to be a great first 100 miler, but it also has a finishing rate near 50%. That's pretty damn low. In my own experience, this was the hardest race I've run to date. This includes a particularly brutal course at the Bighorn this year. I'm confident it was the heat that made this race so damn hard, and it was a reasonable year with typical conditions.

Here are the main things I drew from this beautiful race.

1. Eat More. More and more. You only feel good when you're putting down food. Sugar blocks are not food. This will probably always be a lesson. At least this time I felt okay at the finish line.

2. Running faster is absolutely possible at virtually all times.

3. I strongly dislike racing with a pack.

4. Being organized is not required to finish a big race. But I suspect it makes it more fun.

5. Organized training works (Thank you Korey!).